Art Preparator Experience

When working in exhibition installation it's absolutely necessary to have advanced wood shop experience. Using the wood shop is one of my favorite parts of my job.  Below is a list of experience I have in exhibition  installation and fabrication.  I would also recommend you click on the "Materials, Tools and Displays" gallery section to the left, to get an idea of some of the tools and materials used in art installations.

Preparator Experience

  • Label creation, cutting and mounting

  • Custom pedestal/display creation

  • Dry Wall install and de-install

  • Hanging of art and custom displaying

  • Painting and seem sealing

  • Art Handling and transporting

  • Audio and Video set up and trouble shooting.

  • Sign creation and mounting

  • Fork lift use

  • A-frame building and transportation of art.

  • Crate Building, packing and unpacking of art.

  • Woodshop maintenance including air filter changing and cleaning

  • Safety equipment use

  • Freight elevator use

  • Shelf and storage creation

  • Wood working

  • Materials knowledge including oils, acrylics, puddy's and repair materials

  • Drill press, table saw, miter saw, hand saw, dremel etc.

  • Wall Repair