Early in my life, I discovered that hands on learning experiences were extremely helpful for me when I needed to comprehend a subject or retain information. As time went on, it became even more apparent to me that if I wanted to improve something about myself or my life, I needed to do more than reading, writing, and taking tests. The type of learning that worked best for me was called kinesthetic learning or tactile learning. Kinesthetic Learning is the process of learning through carrying out physical activities, rather than only listening to lectures or watching demonstrations. Although reading, writing, and watching demonstrations are absolutely necessary, it is very important for some people; especially young people, to learn through hands on activities that require them to do more than just listening. This is one reason why I enjoy the processes of 3D printing, woodworking and painting. These are applications and activities that have both kinesthetic and conceptual components. I enjoy these activities and I view the application of them as a form of exercise for the mind and nervous system.

When I discovered that this was an important part of what makes me successful and happy, I wanted to learn more about it, and to get more involved with teaching others the utility of kinesthetic learning.

-Sam P Bair III